ShrutLekhan-Rajbhasha on Web [SLRB-Web]

ShrutLekhan-Rajbhasha on Web is a speaker independent Hindi audio speech to text transcription system on web, developed by Applied AI Group, C-DAC Pune with the support of Department of Official Language (DOL). Using Speech Recognition Technology, audio speech data is transcribed into text data. User can record and upload audio data on web and get the transcribed text.

 Application performs best with:
 • Prefer to record audio file from recorder given on website.
 • File need to be recorded in noise free environment.
 • The recorded audio data should be clear & audible.
 • Accuracy increases with continuous speech data in audio file.
 • Make sure that only one speaker voice present in the audio file. Avoid multiple speaker’s voice.

 File Recording Specifications:
 • Only Hindi audio files will get transcribed
 • Audio file format supported is wave (.wav)
 • Uploading audio file size can be 25MB Max
 • Wave files recording setting.

 Sample Rate   Channel   Resolution 
 11,025 Hz PCM   Mono   16 bit 

 How to use SLRB-Web?
 1. Open the website
 2. First user has to register and create a Login ID. Your Login ID will be your email address.
 3. Now user can Login with Email Id and Password.
 4. User can record &upload audio file on Website.
 5. After uploading, the file will be in the “Processing Files” Section; where the file is in process.
 6. As the file gets transcribed, it is present in Inbox section.
 7. Once the transcription is done you may download the transcribed text or see the transcribed text on web page itself.

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